Empowering ambitious
women to succeed

in 2013

Women's Business Club is a private member network dedicated to connecting, supporting and empowering female entrepreneurs and corporate executives. Our mission is to foster collaboration, innovation, and success through a vibrant online and offline community, a comprehensive resource hub, engaging events, and thought leadership initiatives.

What we do


Elevating and celebrating the achievements of exceptional businesswomen

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An opportunity for women in all walks of business, to connect and be empowered from an all-female lineup of experts.

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Building your intentional community & strategic support system as a professional women. Events are suitable both for women in business and women in the workplace.

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For women starting, growing or scaling a small business and female founders & directors running high turnover businesses.

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Women's Business Club has helped thousands of women in business:

  • Forge lasting personal and professional relationships

    Harnessing the power of community - no one succeeds alone, we are better together!

  • Find creative solutions and innovative ideas

    Driving your business FORWARD. Fresh perspectives and a range of expertise make all the difference, take advantage of the knowledge and skill in the room!

  • Make a difference in the world around them

    Together we can bring about change to the important issues women are currently facing. Where do you want to see change?

  • Improve brand awareness

    Growing your brand reputation is invaluable. We want YOU to be seen and heard!

  • Find fulfilment in their work

    Do business alongside like-minded businesswomen, find peer-to-peer support and encouragement. It can be lonely at the top, but not when you’re part of the club!