Our Awards empowering ambitious women to succeed by acknowledging and celebrating exceptional companies and their leaders. 9 prestigious awards for women who are changing the game and leading the way.

The event is hosted at our annual Women's Business Conference & Awards and nominees will be judged by the award sponsors and leading business experts.


Do you know a hard-working woman that deserves some recognition? Why not put her forward for an award?

The Women’s Business Awards are the highlight of our year and could be the highlight of your favourite businesswomens too! We celebrate the best businesswomen from across the country. Our award winners are recognised in the business community and our sponsors conduct a thorough investigation when choosing their winner. Winners receive an award that they can display in their office, but also a badge for their website and print materials to show off to the world that they are an award-winning business. It only takes a few seconds to put forward a name, why not enter or nominate someone now?

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30th October 2024

South West England

9th October 2024

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17th October 2024

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26th October 2024

I am delighted to have been acknowledged to achieve runner up for the Women in Sport award. It has been a busy couple of years with lots of adapting and creative planning, new partnerships and like minded sponsors encouraging what we're doing at DIDA Sports Organisation CIC. A big thank you to our epic team of volunteers and friends in the UK and Uganda for nominating me for this award – you are all superstars!

Naki Kaddu

I never thought in a million years that I would win the Innovation Award. I am delighted to receive this award for my team and for all those vulnerable people who need to see the lips hidden behind full-face coverings and masks. Super elated. Thank you so much for this opportunity delighted.

Jane Weller

The Awards

Female Founder of the Year

The Female Founder of the Year goes to a woman who has started her own company and is rising to the top in her field. She is not only a successful businesswoman but is also empowering women around her to rise up and succeed too. She is an inspiration to us all.

C-Suite Award

The C-Suite Award honours top-level female executives, celebrating their success and vision from across a number of sectors and industries. She has shown outstanding leadership and we want to acknowledge and celebrate these inspiring women and shine the spotlight on their success and innovation as well as thank her for the example she is setting for other women across the country.

Young Businesswoman of the Year

Our Young Businesswoman of the Year Award shines a light on women under the age of 30 who have already made an impact despite their short time in the business world. Nominate a businesswoman for this category if she has grown her business or advanced her career in a noteworthy way. She needs to be truly exceptional and stand out head and shoulders above the rest.

Startup of the Year

Startup of the Year is designed to showcase and celebrate a woman who has taken a chance and started a new business despite facing many challenges. She has taken the plunge, overcome the barriers to launch and turned her brilliant idea into a reality. We award her for showing consistent growth in her business and learning from the difficult challenges that all new businesses face in the early years.

Sustainability Award

The Sustainability Award goes to a business that demonstrates responsible and sustainable practices. We want to recognise and reward the top business who is making a better world for people, the planet and the economy.

Customer Excellence Award

The Customer Excellence Award recognises and celebrates achievements in customer service excellence. We're looking for a business that is talented, innovative and excels in best practice. This award will highlight an organisation who stands out from the rest based on customer feedback and satisfaction.

Employer Of Women Award

The Employer of Women Award recognises companies that have invested in and demonstrated a commitment to creating roles for and supporting women in the workplace. They have created a healthy and supportive work environment with a real commitment to the wellbeing of its female employees, resulting in high staff satisfaction levels and a well-motivated and happy workforce. This award recognises employers that have made an outstanding effort in creating a diverse workforce and we want to celebrate them.

CSR Award

The CSR Award recognises a company with a strong Corporate Social Responsibility and has made the world a safer, healthier and more sustainable place. They have corporate social responsibility woven into the fabric of their mission and generous supporters of charity and positively impact society through their innovative and sustainable CSR initiatives.

Champion Award

Our Champion Award is for a woman or company who is going above and beyond to champion the issues women face in the workplace, to create a balanced, diverse and more positive work experience for all women. They have provided support and encouragement to working women and are passionate about creating opportunities for women of colour, women with disabilities, mothers and carers, and are inspiring the next generation.