Small Business Awards

The Women's Business Small Business Awards empower women to succeed in business by shining a light on exceptional businesswomen and their accomplishments. Stand out from the crowd, accept some well-deserved recognition and celebrate all you have accomplished as a businesswoman by becoming an award winner this December!

Be a globally recognised businesswoman with awards taking place virtually across 5 countries. Whether you are self-employed, a small business owner or part of a small business team, you are invited to nominate yourself or someone else to be considered for a Women's Business Small Business Award. Nominees will be judged by the award sponsors and leading business experts.

Do you know a hard-working woman that deserves some recognition? Why not put her forward for an award?

The Women’s Business Awards are the highlight of our year and could be the highlight of your favourite businesswomens too! We celebrate the best businesswomen from across the country. Our award winners are recognised in the business community and our sponsors conduct a thorough investigation when choosing their winner. Winners receive an award that they can display in their office, but also a badge for their website and print materials to show off to the world that they are an award-winning business. It only takes a few seconds to put forward a name, why not enter or nominate someone now?

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I am delighted to have won the Businesswoman of the Year award. It has been a busy year with lots of client wins and the publication of my second book so this is a lovely way to round off 2021. A big thank you to my epic team for nominating me for this award – they are all superstars!

Sophie Milliken

Absolutely thrilled, stunned and every other emotion, to be recognised as the Winner of Women In Sales 2021 at the Women’s Business Club awards ceremony!
A huge thank you to all the team at Creative Nature Ltd for the nomination. I have learned so much about food allergies and intolerances and the impact they can have on lives and now on a personal mission to make allergy free products available across all channels – surely food that is safe to eat is a simple request. What a way to round off 2021!

Trudi Austin

The Awards

Businesswoman of the Year

Proudly sponsored by

Our Businesswoman of the Year Award is something to be very proud of. She has proved that she is the best of the best and really done something significant in the business world. Nominate a businesswoman for this category if she has grown her business or advanced her career in a noteworthy way. She needs to be truly exceptional and stand out head and shoulders above the rest.

Business Mum of the Year

Proudly Sponsored by No Regrets Coaching

The Business Mum Award goes to a businesswoman who has really stood out with her incredible work-life balance. She has built a phenomenal business whilst juggling her children and family life. This award is not for a supermum who is perfect, because that doesn't exist, but for a mum who has done a great job of facing the challenges and coming out on top. We want to salute her and acknowledge a job well done!

Best New Business of the Year

Proudly Sponsored by Nimble Approach

The Best New Business Award is designed to showcase and celebrate a woman who has taken a chance and started a new business despite facing many challenges. She has taken the plunge, overcome the barriers to launch and turned her brilliant idea into a reality. We award her for showing consistent growth in her business and learning from the difficult challenges that face all new businesses in the early years.

Overcomer Award

Proudly Sponsored by Rathbone Brothers Plc

Our Overcomer Award is for someone who has overcome great adversary or obstacles this year, we salute you. It's been a tough year for many but this businesswoman has been through a lot and come out on top. Her hard work, grit and determination is something we want to recognise and honour.

Giving Back Award

Proudly Sponsored by Winowin Consulting

Our Giving Back Award is for someone who has gone above and beyond to help the community and those in need. Even though she has had her own challenges to face she has never forgotten those around her who are facing challenges too. She is generous and kind, we want to acknowledge all that she has done this year.

Positivity Award

Proudly Sponsored by Proten Sales Development

Our Positivity Award is for a very special businesswoman who just keeps smiling regardless of all that is thrown her way. She not only stays positive but her positivity is infectious and makes the world a better place for all who encounter her. The world needs more women like her and we want to acknowledge how much we value her positivity.

Innovation Award

Proudly Sponsored by Findr

Our Innovation Award is for a woman who has come up with something truly unique this year. She has either taken her existing business and turned it around by being innovative or she has started something completely new. Her innovation deserves to be recognised and celebrated.

Creative Business Award

Proudly Sponsored by The Female Creative

The Creative Business Award is designed to showcase and celebrate creative talent across the country. Our creative nominee is a woman who has a flair for the artistic perhaps or is just very creative with how she runs her business. No matter what her area of creativity, she stands out and deserves to be nominated for this award.

Speaker Award

Proudly Sponsored by Unthread Advisory

The Speaker of the Year award is suitable for any businesswoman who has used her voice to share her expertise through public speaking in some shape or form. We use this opportunity to recognise and celebrate the best speakers who have demonstrated public speaking excellence and professionalism in addition to making a valuable contribution to Women's Business Club.

Leader of the Year

Proudly Sponsored by Authentic Influence Group

The Leader of the Year is suitable for any of our Women's Business Club leaders or a leader in your community. Without our leaders, we would not exist. Nominate your club leader or a leader in your community that you admire and want to honour for doing a brilliant job of serving and building your local business community. She is passionate about women supporting women and is always available with a kind word and support for those around her. She is a leader who deserves to be recognised.

Man of the Year

Proudly Sponsored by Better Men

The Man of the Year is one of our favourite awards as it's an opportunity for us to honour the men in our lives who have supported us in our journey. Husbands, brothers, colleagues, staff members, sons, you name it, if you have a man who is your cheerleader or supporter and you think they are deserving of an award go ahead and nominate them! This award is proudly given to a man for his active commitment to advancing or championing the career progression of women in business.

Women in STEM

Proudly sponsored by

The Women in STEM recognises the outstanding contributions of woman in STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Our nominee may have made her own discoveries or inventions, be a teacher in this field, or may be a businesswoman working in the sector. From apprentice to rocket scientist, our woman in STEM should be applauded. Women, go boldly forward into a sector that is still largely under-represented.

Women in Finance

Proudly Sponsored by Funding Focus

The Women in Finance Award is suitable for any businesswoman who works in finance in any capacity. This award aims to showcase the achievements of women in the sector and identify new role models. She stands out above the rest because of her excellent and passionate flair for finance. You will find her inspiring and she has likely changed your views on your business or personal finance.

Recruitment & HR

Proudly Sponsored by CraveHRO

The Women in HR and Recruitment Award is a prestigious award for any businesswoman with an outstanding HR or Recruitment track record, and you have noticed the difference they make to their business' performance. Winning an award will affirm to her employees, colleagues and competitors that her company and team are delivering best practice. She stands out above the rest and deserves to be recognised.

Women in Law

Proudly Sponsored by SE Tax Pros

The Women in Law Award is designed to showcase and celebrate legal talent. Women who are lawyers, solicitors and barristers, and legal executives, either working in private practice or industry are invited to enter. If you want to recognise an exceptional woman who works in the legal field then go ahead and nominate her, she deserves to be an award winner.

Women in Property & Construction

Proudly Sponsored by Klara Goldy Interiors

The Women in Property and Construction is designed to showcase and celebrate women in this industry across the country. Women still only represent only 11% of the construction workforce in the country and the aim of the awards is to highlight women who are excelling in this sector and to make these roles more enticing to women. Nominate any women who you feel are shining in this area.

Women in Sales

Proudly Sponsored by The Sweet Potato Consultancy

The Women in Sales is to shine the spotlight on role models and inspire more women to consider a career in retail and sales. Your nominee is passionate about what she does and is a real example to others. She operates with integrity and gets the job done to the highest standard. She stands head and shoulders above the rest and deserves this award!

Women in Sports

Proudly Sponsored by BOOM & Partners

For women who either go out of their way to support other women in sport or for women actively involved professionally in sport themselves.

Diversity & Inclusion Award

Proudly Sponsored by Indelible Talent

The Diversity & Inclusion Award will cover excellence in all areas of diversity and inclusion in the workplace to highlight diverse employers and employees that lead in equality, diversity and fairness, in all aspects of business. Our awards aims to honour and shine a light on individuals and organisations who are going above and beyond, championing diversity and inclusion.

Employer of the Year

Proudly Sponsored by North West Numbers CIC

The Employer of the Year award recognises businesses that have created a healthy and supportive work environment with a real commitment to the wellbeing of its employees, resulting in high staff satisfaction levels and a well-motivated and happy workforce. This award recognises employers that have made an outstanding effort and we want to celebrate them.