Build your intentional community & strategic support system.

Coworking spaces for businesswomen to gain support and empowerment so no woman feels alone in business.

Enjoy a lovely meal, an inspiring business talk and quality networking with other like-minded executives and entrepreneurs.

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A mini eco system of encouragement and empowerment. Join us for social business networking with a speaker.

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Walk, talk, and connect outdoors for a healthier, more dynamic approach to business success.

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Power Hour

Powerful and punchy one hour webinars to inform and educate businesswomen.

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Lead a Club

If you don’t find an event near you why not lead one? We offer a super simple model and you retain all fees. At Women's Business Club, we work in partnership with you, merging our brand with your personality. Find out more here.

For 78% of startups, networking is vital to entrepreneurial success - Forbes

Coffee & Coworking

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Supportive coworking spaces, so no woman feels alone in business!

  • Free to Attend

    Buy your own coffees & nibbles

  • Build Community

    Connect with local businesswomen

  • Create Support Systems

    Meet regularly and build relationships

  • Grow your Network

    Casual networking & a chance for one-to-one conversations


If you don't particularly like walking up to someone at a normal networking event and pitching at them for a few minutes, this would be a great shout. All you have to do is get your laptop out and carry on working whilst chatting to the people around you!

Lucy Banks

I had an absolute blast meeting a new group of ladies, & I can't wait to do it next month, same time & same place 💫

Cherith Wareley

Wonderful to meet so many knowledgeable women, passionately sharing their expertise in such creative ways. Look forward to next month's event where we can continue to share our tips and strategies for being a vibrant positive influence in our respective fields.

Michanne Haynes-Prempeh

Lovely to meet fellow business owners and hear what you are all doing. Thanks for setting the session up. I hope to see you inspiring ladies again soon

Rachel Calder

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Business Lunch

Quality networking with like-minded executives and entrepreneurs.

  • Build Strategic Business Relationships

  • Peer to Peer Support

  • Increase your Visability

  • Learn from Expert Speaker

  • Brainstorm & Mastermind


11:30am - 2:00pm


An innovative and impressive way to bring powerful women together. I felt and learned something new, it is amazing how you can give and receive strength during an amazing get-together. The attention to every small detail has built a need and necessity together with a luxury.

Sabrina Kaur

The Women's Business Club has been pivotal in helping build my business. The club has also increased my self-esteem as a business woman in a very competitive market. Not only has the club been a wonderful opportunity to network and meet other businesses, it has helped me learn more about how to grow my business and given me support from a fantastic group of empowering women. It has afforded me with opportunities that I would not have gained access to before joining the club and has taken me out of my comfort zone on many occasions, challenging me in a positive way.

Sally Hodgson

Tribe Night

Mini eco systems of encouragement and empowerment.

  • Build Strategic Business Relationships

  • Increase your Visability

  • Learn from Expert Speaker

  • Enjoy a more social and relaxed business networking


19:00 - 21:00